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InMotion Hosting Elevates European Presence with Expanded Hosting Services

InMotion Hosting’s full suite of web hosting services is now available from their European data center, marking a significant milestone in the growth of our services.

As an esteemed pioneer in premium web hosting, InMotion Hosting’s complete array of offerings now finds its home in the newly established European data center.

Launching a Data Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Embarking on this strategic expansion, InMotion’s initial launch in the Amsterdam Data Center was marked by the provision of Shared Hosting services. However, the horizon has broadened. The data center now embraces an expanded repertoire, encompassing VPS, Reseller, and Dedicated hosting services.

InMotion Hosting’s success in the European market has prompted our decision to speed up our growth trajectory. This journey takes us from our temporary data center in Amsterdam to the nearby Digital Realty facility. Known for its exceptional facilities, Digital Realty has been a trusted partner to InMotion Hosting for more than a year.

“It’s exciting to enter this new phase of our expansion ahead of schedule and enhance our presence in Europe,” said Erik Soroka, Director of Information Technology & Data Center Operations. “The new Amsterdam data center will help us better serve our customers, meet their evolving demands, and further solidify our place as a leading global web hosting provider.“

What Our Customers Can Expect

The meticulously orchestrated transition to the Digital Realty facility concludes as planned in August, thus enabling InMotion Hosting to unfurl our complete product lines by September 1st. This advancement heralds a host of distinct advantages for both our loyal customers and newcomers:

1. Increased Reliability and Uptime

Proximity reigns supreme as the server and user become neighbors, expediting data exchanges while mitigating network disruptions and latency concerns. As a result, customers benefit from a stable and uninterrupted hosting experience.

2. Enhanced Data Security and Privacy

InMotion Hosting’s expansion on European soil symbolizes its commitment to GDPR adherence. Thus, customers can place their trust in the meticulous protection of their sensitive data, in full compliance with stringent privacy standards.

3. Accelerated Content Delivery and Optimal Website Performance

Within the confines of InMotion Hosting’s European data center, servers are equipped with the same flagship hardware and software as our other hosting services. From the speed-enhancing NVMe drives to the orchestration of the UltraStack configuration and other powerful open source technologies, the stage is set for swift content delivery, resource optimization, and peak performance.

Final Thoughts

InMotion Hosting’s relocation shows our dedication to delivering superior service everywhere. We remain devoted to improvement and growth, adapting to changing markets and customer needs. Thank you to our customers for their support and we look forward to the opportunities this move will bring.

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For more information, view our September 11, 2023 press release announcement.

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