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InMotion Hosting Unveils Next-Generation East Coast Data Center hero image

InMotion Hosting Unveils Next-Generation East Coast Data Center

Over the past two weeks, InMotion Hosting deployed over 100 new dedicated servers at its new state-of-the-art data East Coast Data Center.

This development represents a major milestone in the company’s efforts to accommodate the growing demand for enterprise-grade infrastructure. The new facility enhances server infrastructure, providing faster, more reliable, and better-supported services to customers.

The new data center boasts top features, including a reclaimed water loop for efficient cooling, fortified power systems, diverse connectivity options, and advanced security protocols. This facility is located at NTT Global Data Centers in Ashburn, VA, and offers high security and reliability.

“Our new data center is not just another facility – it’s a testament to our pursuit of the latest technology innovations and operational excellence,” said Erik Soroka, Director of IT and Data Center Operations at InMotion Hosting. “From enhanced cooling systems to redundant power sources, every aspect of the new facility is designed to empower our customers with the technology and reliability they need to succeed.”

Here are the major improvements customers can expect from the new data center:

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure. InMotion Hosting upgraded to a new East Coast Data Center with the latest technologies to increase capacity for future growth.
Enhanced Connectivity. The new facility’s location in “Data Center Alley” amplifies network connectivity, increasing redundancy and speed, and reducing latency.
Improved Customer Support. The move will also merge our on-site team to a single location, improving collaboration for faster resolutions and server maintenance.

Furthermore, the launch of the new facility includes hundreds of new dedicated servers. This also includes the first deployment of ‘Aspire’ servers in this region and plans to introduce the most powerful commercial class servers in the upcoming months.

“Our first priority is to provide best-in-class hosting solutions, but that also means offering unparalleled support,” said Erik. “With our new data center, we’re able to deliver faster response times, proactive on-site monitoring, and 24/7 support, ensuring our customers can focus on what matters most – their business.”

The new East Coast Data Center underscores InMotion Hosting’s dedication to pushing boundaries in web hosting. InMotion Hosting invites businesses of all sizes to join us in shaping the future of hosting and look forward to even more robust enterprise solutions. Learn more about our data centers by visiting

For more information read our Press Release published May 21st, 2024.

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