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6 Best Website Maintenance Services for WordPress (2024)

6 Best Website Maintenance Services for WordPress (2024)

Our readers often ask us if there is a WordPress maintenance service that we can recommend.

We’ve been running websites for 16+ years and have done everything from handling our own maintenance to contracting third-party companies. We know the choice can be tricky, which is why we’ve taken the most popular website maintenance services and examined factors like update routines, security, support, and pricing.

In this article, we will share some of the best website maintenance services you can use for your WordPress site.

If you are in a hurry, then you can take a quick look at our top picks to make a decision.

How We Tested And Reviewed Maintenance Services For WordPress

Website maintenance services manage your WordPress site for you. This includes taking care of backups, updates, security, and website edits.

If you run a self-hosted website, then you are responsible for installing WordPress core updates, plugin and theme updates, and keeping website backups.

You may feel that these tasks are taking too much of your time, which you would rather spend on growing your business. This is where website maintenance services come in.

Upon testing, we realized that a good WordPress maintenance service will match the following criteria:

Backups: The service should keep regular WordPress backups of your site, often more than once a day. This means that if something does go wrong, your site can be restored instantly.
Expert WordPress Support: As a beginner, you may need help now and then to fix common WordPress errors. A good maintenance service will offer expert WordPress support to fix all kinds of errors for you.
Security: Your website maintenance service should be able to keep your site safe and secure by running automated scans. Most companies can help you quickly deal with any problems like malware or hacking attempts.
Timely WordPress Updates: We have prioritized services that will save you time by keeping everything up to date for you and acting on urgent problems.

Why Trust WPBeginner?

WPBeginner has a team of experts with 16+ years of experience in WordPress, SEO, hosting, development, and troubleshooting.

Our team extensively reviewed and thoroughly tested each website maintenance service that is mentioned in the article to give you the best recommendations. For details, see our editorial process.

With all this in mind, here are our top picks for the best WordPress website maintenance services:

1. WPBeginner Pro Services

WPBeginner Pro Maintenance Services

WPBeginner Pro Services offers the best website maintenance services for WordPress at an affordable price.

Our WordPress experts, with over 16 years of experience in the industry, will manage all of your website technicalities behind the scenes, including security monitoring, cloud backups, and more. That way, you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Apart from that, you can also use our services to design your website, fix a hacked website, and boost your site performance to improve SEO.

For more details, see our complete list of WPBeginner Pro Services.


WPBeginner offers uptime monitoring to ensure your website is available to visitors 24/7.
We’ll make sure your WordPress core, plugins, and themes are always up-to-date and that the latest updates won’t negatively affect your website’s performance.
The maintenance is provided by an experienced team that has helped over 100,000 people get started with WordPress.
There are on-demand developer hours if you ever have an issue that needs to be fixed urgently.
We also have a vast library of free troubleshooting guides and tutorials that you can use to maintain your website if you don’t have the budget for a maintenance service.


Proactive hacked site repair is only available in the most expensive maintenance plan.
You can’t transfer a maintenance plan for a specific website. You’d need to cancel your plan and sign up for a new plan for the other website.

Why we recommend WPBeginner Pro Services: We recommend WPBeginner for site maintenance because its team will take care of all the WordPress updates, security issues, and other technicalities for affordable pricing.

If you have a small business website, then using WPBeginner Pro Services is the best option for you.

Pricing: WPBeginner’s website maintenance pricing starts at only $69/month.

2. Seahawk Media Services

Seahawk Media

Seahawk Media is a global WordPress services provider that offers various services including website maintenance.

Their package offers uptime monitoring, cloud backups, emergency support, theme and plugin updates, and more.

You’ll also get a dedicated account manager that will assist you with any issues or concerns. With this consistent relationship, your account manager can better understand your business needs and help ensure your website is running smoothly.


Seahawk monitors your website 24/7 and makes immediate updates when they are required.
They offer 24/7 expert WordPress support and ensure prompt responses to your emails and messages.
Seahawk comes with complete malware removal, while many other website maintenance providers charge premium rates for this service.
Upon reviewing the maintenance service, we realized that Seahawk also provides white-label WordPress support with limitless edits. This allows you to use Seahawk’s services and brand them as your own.
The platform offers additional services such as WordPress website design, WooCommerce development, managed SEO, Figma conversion, and more.


If your support plan is for a specific website, it cannot be transferred to another website. You’d have to cancel your plan and sign up for a new one.
You can only get the performance optimization service done once per year with the SeaCare Annual plan.

Why we recommend Seahawk Media Services: If you have a WooCommerce store on WordPress, then we recommend Seahawk Media Services. This is because they can offer different services to maintain your WordPress site and e-commerce platform together.

Pricing: The WordPress maintenance service Monthly plan costs $99/month, and the SeaCare Annual plan is $999/year. They also offer a 30-day free trial so that you can test out the service.

3. WP Buffs

WP Buffs

WP Buffs is a well-known WordPress website maintenance service that provides cloud backups, emergency support, weekly website updates, speed optimization, unlimited website edits, and more.

They have plans suitable for the average website owner as well as for eCommerce stores, membership sites, and more complex websites.

WP Buffs also offers a 24/7 WordPress security service where experts prevent malware attacks, patch vulnerabilities, and monitor for any ongoing security threats at all times.


They offer maintenance for complex online stores, but you will need their highest plan for this.
We particularly appreciate that WP Buffs sends a PDF report each week that details all the updates and changes performed by the service on your website. For instance, you’ll see a list of plugins that have been updated.
WP Buffs monitors your site constantly throughout the day. If your site goes down, they’ll act within 60 seconds to start fixing it.
Support is available 24/7, as WP Buffs has team members worldwide.
WP Buffs offers a white-label service. This is useful if you host WordPress websites for clients. You can use WP Buff’s services for your clients as if WP Buffs were part of your team.


When we were reviewing the service, we didn’t like that malware removal is only included if you’re on the most expensive of their three plans.
WP Buffs only updates plugins weekly, not daily. This means they have time to test new plugin updates, though.

Why we recommend WP Buffs: WP Buffs is a great choice if you have a more complex website like a membership site because it performs weekly updates, offers tight security, and sends a PDF report each week.

Pricing: Their lowest plan starts at $79/month. You’ll need to pay $219/month if you want priority support, malware removal, speed optimization, and other extras.

4. Codeable


Codeable is a great platform where you can hire expert WordPress developers. If you want a bespoke maintenance package, this could be a great way to find someone who can help.

This is because the platform has a robust vetting process and only accepts the top 2% of WordPress developers to provide high-quality services to their clients.

Experts hired using Codeable can fix security vulnerabilities, update your WordPress core, plugins, and themes, and can also optimize your site for speed.


When investigating the service, we discovered that you can specify exactly what you want with Codeable. This is different from other maintenance services that require you to pick from specific plans.
You could use Codeable for one-off support. For instance, you may need someone to help set up a membership website. After that, you’ll be comfortable taking care of the site independently.
Codeable has a support team that can help you through the process of using their platform to find and work with a developer. Note that they don’t provide actual WordPress support themselves.
We also liked that the platform provides a full refund if you are not satisfied with the maintenance services.
Codeable’s vetting process means that you will be guaranteed to hire a developer who knows their stuff.


You’ll need to come up with a clear idea of what you require. You’ll likely need to answer questions from developers about your project, too. If you’re new to WordPress, it can be tough to know exactly what help you need.
You won’t know how much your project will cost until you start receiving estimates, usually around a day after posting it.
You’ll need to pay an additional 17.5% fee (based on the estimated cost of your project) to Codeable.

Why we recommend Codeable: If you don’t want to purchase a full-time maintenance service plan and are just looking for one-time support, then Codeable is a great choice. You can easily hire a developer who will run the necessary security tests and update the WordPress core, and then you can manage the site yourself.

Pricing: Their pricing is based on an $80 – $150 hourly rate plus a 17.5% fixed service fee that goes to Codeable.

5. GoWP


GoWP is targeted at agencies and freelancers who provide WordPress services for their clients. It has a dedicated team of experts who can handle any WordPress-related issues your clients may encounter.

It also offers 24/7 content edits for all your clients, such as adding text and images and uploading PDFs. This frees up your agency’s time to focus on more strategic tasks.

GoWP also has white-label support, meaning that you can use your own branding with the team doing the maintenance work.


GoWP has a visual validator software that checks your site after installing plugins by taking snapshots of up to 20 pages of your site to compare with previous versions.
You can use GoWP for your own site as well as for clients’ sites.
The team is available around the clock and aims to get all tasks done within 8 hours at most.
One feature that has stood out is that GoWP offers training resources and a community forum to help you stay up-to-date on WordPress best practices.


You’ll need to pay separately if you want tasks that take more than 30 minutes.
GoWP is aimed at WordPress freelancers and agencies. You may find a bit of a learning curve if you’re just an individual wanting to use it on one site.

Why we recommend GoWP: If you are a freelancer who offers services to other people and have run into maintenance issues at your client’s site, then GoWP is the best solution for you.

Pricing: GoWP costs $39/month for the basic maintenance plan and $99/month for maintenance, plus unlimited edits to content, CSS, and more.

If you have complex tasks that will take more than 30 minutes each, you’ll need to pay for one-off tasks to cover these.

6. SiteCare


SiteCare is a popular site health solution for WordPress sites that offers free hack repairs, endless quick fixes, unlimited site restoration, website uptime, and site monitoring.

They keep your WordPress core, plugins, and themes updated at all times and actively scan your website for malicious code or malware.

Additionally, SiteCare has a content edits feature where their team of experts can edit the text and images on your WordPress blog.


It includes a free malware cleaning after a hack.
During our research, we noticed that SiteCare can recover your website quickly in case of a major website issue.
The service provides regular reports on your website’s health, performance, and security.
SiteCare offers SEO improvements for your content to boost search engine rankings.
It also has options for design and development services and for website hosting. If you want one company to take care of everything website-related for you, this could work well.


SiteCare’s live chat support is only available Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 8 pm EST. This might be frustrating if you normally work on your site on the weekends.
You will need the premium plan to access the content edits and quick fixes feature, which are included for free.

Why we recommend SiteCare: If you have a rapidly scaling website, then SiteCare can be a good choice because it offers constant site monitoring, hacked site repair, malware removal, and SEO improvements.

Pricing: SiteCare’s pricing starts at $205/month.

Bonus: Valet


Valet is another platform that offers maintenance, support, and comprehensive agency services for your WordPress site.

It manages backups, WordPress core updates, plugin updates, malware, and even improves your site performance. Valet also tests all updates on a staging site before making them live on your website.

Plus, it can troubleshoot any simple WordPress errors for you, such as the 404 error. This gives you complete freedom to just focus on your website growth.


With Valet, you can add extra WordPress support if you want it.
It also offers other services like web design, content creation, site migration, SEO services, and website hosting.
It monitors your website’s uptime 24/7 to ensure it’s always accessible to visitors.


Valet doesn’t have a pricing page on its website. You just have to submit an inquiry form and wait for the team to approach you with a pricing plan.

Why we recommend Valet: If you are looking for a service that provides constant maintenance and tests each update on a staging site before applying it on a real website, then Valet is a great choice.

Pricing: Request a quote.

What Is the Best Website Maintenance Service for WordPress?

In our expert opinion, WPBeginner Pro Services offers the best maintenance service for WordPress websites. Our team of experts constantly monitors your website, removes malware, patches security threats, creates backups, and performs routine updates quickly.

Plus, we offer affordable pricing for all kinds of businesses.

However, if you have an online store, then Seahawk Media Services is a good option because they offer complete maintenance for WordPress sites as well as e-commerce platforms.

On the other hand, if you have a complex site like a membership website, then WP Buffs is a great choice.

But if you just want to hire a developer for one-time maintenance, then you should opt for Codeable.

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Maintenance Services

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by our readers about website maintenance services for WordPress:

1. What are the benefits of using a website maintenance service?

Purchasing a website maintenance service plan can have a huge impact on your website. Some of the benefits include:

Improved security and reduced hacking risk
Faster website loading times
Regular backups to prevent data loss
More free time to focus on other aspects of your business

2. Do website maintenance services offer any additional services?

Most website maintenance services also offer additional services that improve user experience on your website.

These services can include SEO, website design, speed optimization, content edits, technical support, and more.

3. Can I maintain my website myself instead of using a service?

Yes, you can maintain your website yourself by manually updating WordPress core, themes, and plugins regularly. You can also use different tutorials and troubleshooting guides on the internet to fix any WordPress error that you are facing.

However, keep in mind that as your website grows, it will become difficult to manage everything. That is why it is a good idea to use a maintenance service.

We hope this article has helped you find the best website maintenance services for WordPress. You may also want to check out our other WordPress guides that can be helpful in maintaining your site.

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