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60+ Best Landing Page Templates for WordPress (2024)

60+ Best Landing Page Templates for WordPress (2024)

Are you looking for the best landing page templates for WordPress?

Landing pages help you get more leads and increase conversions. They are designed to guide users toward taking the required actions on your website.

In this article, we will share the best landing page templates for WordPress to help you get more sales and conversions.

Bonus: Some of these templates offer 100% drag-and-drop functionality, so you can easily customize them to match your needs within a few minutes.

Best Landing Page Templates for WordPress

Landing page templates are focused on achieving an objective or goal like getting more subscribers, boosting your sales, and so on.

There are many landing page plugins that you can use to create a landing page on your WordPress website. You will also find dozens of landing page templates that are designed specifically for certain industries and goals.

The best way to build landing pages in WordPress is to use a drag and drop page builder so you can easily customize the landing page without writing any code.

Below are the top landing page design providers that we recommend:


SeedProd Website and Theme Builder

SeedProd is the best WordPress drag-and-drop website builder on the market, used by over 1 million site owners. It lets you easily create beautiful landing pages without code, even if you’re a total beginner.

SeedProd comes with tons of professionally designed templates that you can use to get started quickly. You can easily drag and drop ready-made blocks onto your page.

There are also powerful advanced options for users who want to further fine-tune their landing page. Aside from landing pages, you can also use SeedProd to easily create custom WordPress themes.


Divi Site

Elegant Themes Divi is a popular WordPress page builder. You can use it to design your landing page templates. It has multiple built-in elements and content modules to add to your page.

Plus, Divi Builder allows you to click and type the text anywhere on the layout. It comes with responsive editing and looks great on all devices.

You can fully customize each element with the drag-and-drop builder. Divi gives you complete control over the fonts, colors, background, and spacing. Additionally, Divi offers over 200 pre-built landing page templates with demos that are ready to use.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a powerful WordPress page builder plugin. It comes with multiple landing page templates for fashion, photography, web agency, education, mobile apps, etc.

With Beaver Builder, you can drag and drop the content on your landing pages quickly. It allows you to organize your text and images in the columns to create beautiful custom page templates.

The best part about using the Beaver Builder plugin is that it works with all simple WordPress themes. It offers live, front-end editing for easy customization. It fully supports WooCommerce, a multisite network, and WPML for translations.

Themify Ultra

Themify Ultra

Themify Ultra is an all-purpose WordPress theme with a full-width background image. It ships with Themify drag-and-drop builder that works similarly to Divi Builder or Beaver Builder.

You can use this page builder to design your custom page templates. It also offers pre-built landing page templates that reduce the effort and save time.

It has smart layout options for the header, sidebar, footer, and other parts of your website. Plus, Themify Ultra has parallax scrolling for both vertical and horizontal layouts.


Astra Site

Unlike the solutions above, Astra is not a page builder. It is a fast and lightweight WordPress theme that’s designed to work with drag-and-drop page builders like Beaver Builder.

The best part about Astra is that it comes with dozens of ready-made websites and page templates. You can install the Astra theme and use these templates to create landing pages for fitness, manufacturing, transport services, barber shops, musical bands, etc. The theme also fully supports WooCommerce.

Best Landing Page Template Examples

The above theme and plugin companies have a variety of landing page templates. We have also added several other top theme companies offering templates that can be used to create attractive landing pages for your WordPress website.

Let’s take a look at our expert pick of the best landing page templates for WordPress.

1. SeedProd Real Estate

SeedProd Real Estate

SeedProd Real Estate is a theme designed for real estate agencies, hotels, and accommodations. It has an aesthetically pleasing look with a welcome note, a call-to-action button, a reservation form, and more. You can use the SeedProd theme builder to easily customize the real estate template and add new landing pages, images, content, and forms.

2. SeedProd Events

SeedProd Events

SeedProd Events is a minimal theme template for wedding events, wedding photographers, and conferences. It lets you display pricing for your services on a custom landing page. You can also integrate payment methods to accept online payments for your services.

3. SeedProd eBook Author

SeedProd eBook

SeedProd eBook Author is an elegant theme for authors, writers, and bloggers. It allows you to sell eBooks online. The theme also includes custom landing pages for your biography, books, contact details, and more.

4. SeedProd Daycare

SeedProd Daycare

SeedProd Daycare is a modern theme designed for child daycare, playgroups, learning groups, and teachers. It lets you design landing pages using the SeedProd drag-and-drop builder. You can add call-to-action buttons on the homepage to let parents sign up for your programs.

5. SeedProd Personal Trainer

SeedProd Personal Trainer

SeedProd Personal Trainer is a professional template for gyms, CrossFit, and fitness websites. It lets you display your training program on the homepage alongside an appointment form to book sessions. You can also include testimonials, videos, and images.

6. SeedProd Advertising

SeedProd Advertising

The SeedProd Advertising theme is boldly designed for marketers, advertisers, and digital agencies. It uses capitalized text for the welcome note and call-to-action button to engage users right away. With the SeedProd builder, you can upload a custom logo, create landing pages, and add a contact form to your site.

7. SeedProd Travel Blog

SeedProd Travel Blog

SeedProd Travel Blog is an interesting and attractive blog theme for travelers, adventurers, travel agencies, and national parks. It offers a spacious layout on the homepage to add your text, navigation menu, and social icons. You can also include a fullscreen background image on the homepage.

8. SeedProd Energy Savings

SeedProd Energy

SeedProd Energy Savings is a modern theme built for energy products, industries, and businesses. You can import it in the SeedProd builder and customize it easily. Plus, the theme comes with ready-made landing pages for services, a blog page, product pages, and a contact page.

9. Divi Cafe

Divi Cafe

Divi Cafe is a WordPress landing page template for cafes, restaurants, and food-related businesses. It has a simple design with a full-width layout featuring images and content beautifully. You can also use this landing page template to showcase your featured content and case studies.

10. Divi Interior

Divi Interior

Divi Interior is a modern landing page template for interior designers, house decorators, and architects. It has an attractive design and offers space to display eye-catching images in a full-width layout. You can also add featured content side by side with images.

11. Extra


Extra is a powerful WordPress theme with tons of amazing landing page templates for online magazines, fashion websites, and lifestyle blogs. It uses the Divi Builder to drag and drop elements on the template. The theme is fully customizable and lets you create multiple landing pages to boost your readership.

12. Beaver Builder Small Business

Beaver Builder Small Business

Beaver Builder’s Small Business landing page template is designed with a focus on helping you get more customers online. It offers multiple sections to add content, CTA, featured services, and images. You can fully customize the background, fonts, colors, and buttons using the Beaver Builder plugin.

13. Beaver Builder CrossFit

Beaver Builder Fitness Gym

Beaver Builder’s CrossFit landing page template is perfect for the websites of gyms, fitness institutions, and health advisors. It comes with a full-width background image and a custom logo. Below, you can add fitness schedules, programs, and more.

14. Beaver Builder Editorial

Beaver Builder Editorial

Beaver Builder’s Editorial landing page template is for bloggers, writers, and fashion-related websites. It has the space to add attractive fullscreen images. You can use the Beaver Builder drag-and-drop builder to showcase featured content.

15. Beaver Builder Law Firm

Beaver Builder Law Firm

Beaver Builder’s Law Firm is a landing page template designed specifically for lawyers, legal clinics, and corporate law firms. It has a simple layout to add your text, CTA button, and professional services. Plus, you can add further details about your team and more in the sections below.

16. Beaver Builder Photography

Beaver Builder Photography

Beaver Builder’s Photography landing page template allows photographers to share their profiles and portfolios with style. It has a dark layout with crisp typography using beautiful fonts. You can fully customize the template with the page builder.

17. Beaver Builder Musician

Beaver Builder Musician

Beaver Builder’s Musician landing page template is built for DJs, music bands, instrumentalists, and musicians. It comes with an attractive design and sharp colors to get users’ attention. Additionally, the template has sections to sell tickets for your shows and share details about your band.

18. Beaver Builder Restaurant

Beaver Builder Restaurant

Beaver Builder’s Restaurant landing page template is fully focused on promoting restaurants, food, and eateries. It has a dark layout with elegant typography. The overall design is spacious, making page contents more noticeable, and you can use the Beaver Builder page builder plugin to customize the background, colors, fonts, and so on.

19. Beaver Builder Fullscreen

Beaver Builder Fullscreen

As the name suggests, Beaver Builder’s Fullscreen landing page template is an elegant layout for all types of websites. It has full-width background images and bold colors that make the content readable. You can also add a CTA button to redirect users to the important pages.

20. Beaver Builder Creative Agency

Beaver Builder Creative Agency

Beaver Builder’s Creative Agency template for landing pages is perfect for getting more leads online. It has beautiful colors and crisp typography. The template is designed for creative and web agencies to share their portfolios in a professional style.

21. Beaver Builder eBook

Beaver Builder eBook

Beaver Builder’s eBook landing page template is designed for authors, eBooks, libraries, and blogs. It has a stunning book-cover-like layout to showcase your featured book and make more sales. You can add all the details of your book and build user interest to take further action on your website.

22. Beaver Builder Educational

Beaver Builder Educational

Beaver Builder’s Education landing page template is perfect for universities, colleges, and educational institutions. It allows you to add a welcome message with a beautiful background image. Plus, you can also display courses offered by your university with clear calls to action.

23. Beaver Builder Automotive

Beaver Builder Automotive

Beaver Builder’s Automotive is an excellent landing page template for cars, automobiles, and showrooms. It creates an attractive and adventurous first impression. You can customize the background, colors, fonts, and content with the Beaver Builder page builder plugin.

24. Beaver Builder Mobile App

Beaver Builder Mobile App

Beaver Builder’s Mobile App landing page template is a fully customizable layout for mobile games, apps, and mobile-based solutions. It has a white background with a large image on the front. It also offers different sections to add text and call-to-action buttons.

25. Beaver Builder General Business

Beaver Builder General Business

Beaver Builder’s General Business template is designed to create landing pages for all kinds of business websites. It has a beautiful layout with a custom background image. The template allows you to add content and a CTA button in the first section. You can use the Beaver Builder drag and drop page builder for any customizations.

26. Beaver Builder Construction

Beaver Builder Construction

Beaver Builder’s Construction landing page template is ideal for websites offering construction services. It has a beautiful design with a full-width background image and stylish typography. Additionally, it includes sections to add your services and a call-to-action button.

27. Beaver Builder Coming Soon

Beaver Builder Coming Soon

If you want to create a coming soon and maintenance mode page, then Beaver Builder’s Coming Soon template is a perfect choice. It has a customizable design with a newsletter subscription form to get more subscribers. You can use the Beaver Builder page builder to change the background and colors easily.

28. Astra Fitness Trainer

Astra Fitness Trainer

Astra’s Fitness Trainer is a landing page template for fitness coaches, trainers, health instructors, and CrossFit gyms. It looks like a full-page website, but it focuses on promoting personal coaches with schedules, training rates, testimonials, clients, etc.

29. Astra Psychiatrist

Astra Psychiatrist

Astra’s Psychiatrist is a WordPress landing page template for medical doctors, psychiatrists, and hospitals. It has a full-width background image with the introduction, text, and CTA. You can easily add other details below the main banner.

30. Astra Custom Printing

Astra Custom Printing

Astra’s Custom Printing landing page template gives a clear message to customers about getting their t-shirts and mugs customized. It has a simple and neat design with a white background. You can customize the colors, fonts, and backgrounds for the template to make it more attractive.

31. Astra Spa

Astra Spa

Astra’s Spa landing page template offers an attractive full-width header background with custom text and phone number to let the users connect with your spa company directly. It has an appointment booking button alongside the navigation menu. You can use the page builder to customize the template as you want.

32. Astra Dental Clinic

Astra Dental Clinic

Astra’s Dental Clinic landing page template is a perfect choice for dentistry and medical clinics. It allows you to add a number in the header, a CTA button with a text message, and a full-width image. Additionally, you can add the appointment booking form on the CTA button to boost your sales.

33. Astra Agency

Astra Agency

Astra’s Agency landing page template for WordPress websites is built for web agencies, designers, and developers. It has multiple layout designs with beautiful colors and typography. You can showcase your portfolio and featured work as images to create a powerful first impression on users.

34. Astra Jewellery

Astra Jewellry

Astra’s Jewellery landing page template is beautifully designed to get your users’ attention. It has a dark-colored layout that helps you showcase the jewelry photos and text prominently. Plus, it’s compatible with WooCommerce to add cart options on your landing page.

35. Astra Lawyer

Astra Lawyer

Astra’s Lawyer landing page template is designed for lawyers and law firms to get new clients online. It displays your address and phone number in a professional way so your customers can contact you easily. It also has space for a tagline to impress visitors.

36. Astra Hotel

Astra Hotel

Astra’s Hotel landing page template is an excellent choice for hotel websites, BnBs, and hotel-related businesses. It has a CTA button to add a room booking option to boost your sales. Furthermore, you can add a fullscreen background image of your hotel with an impressive tagline to get users’ attention on the page.

37. Astra Author

Astra Author

Astra’s Author landing page template is a beautiful and attractive layout for writers, authors, libraries, and booksellers. It allows you to showcase a featured book on the front with an image of the book cover and a short text. You can also add the author’s name and other details.

38. Astra Winery

Astra Winery

Astra’s Winery landing page template is built for wine shops, vineyards, and wine sellers. It has a storytelling layout, making it easier for you to create user engagement. It also allows you to add an image of your best wine with details and a CTA button.

39. Astra Photography Portfolio

Astra Photography

Astra’s Photography Portfolio landing page template is perfect for photographers to showcase their portfolios professionally. You can use the drag-and-drop page builder to add text with photos easily. It also has a white background that adds sharpness to your content.

40. Astra Freelancer

Astra Freelancer

Astra’s Freelancer landing page template is designed for individuals who want to get more online jobs. It has a simple and neat layout with beautiful colors to create a professional first impression. Freelancers can use this template to introduce themselves to visitors.

41. Astra Charity

Astra Charity

Astra’s Charity landing page template is built with a motive to add more donors to your cause. It is perfect for nonprofit organizations, online charities, and NGOs. It has bold and bright colors with excellent readability. The template allows you to add a donate button so that visitors can easily connect with you.

42. Astra Real Estate

Astra Real Estate

Astra’s Real Estate landing page template is a modern and stylish template for real estate agents. It helps you expand your real estate business with its multiple features and options. For example, it displays a quick form template on the front for users to get connected quickly. The template also has space to add your phone number and CTA button.

43. Astra Artist

Astra Artist

Astra’s Artist landing page template promotes artists, agencies, and painters. It is divided into sections to add your featured paintings and other artwork beautifully. You can add the details of your artwork and add a CTA button to redirect users to the cart page. It also supports WooCommerce to sell your artwork online.

44. Astra Nature

Astra Nature

Astra’s Nature landing page template is designed for agencies focusing on natural habitats. It’s also a perfect choice for nature photographers, nature lovers, and travelers. It comes with an eye-catching background image and a CTA button.

45. Astra Financial Advisors

Astra Financial Advisors

Astra’s Financial Advisors landing page template is perfect for large businesses that want to display their financial reports online. It’s a professional template with an elegant and modern design. The template is page builder-friendly and compatible with WPML.

46. Astra Conference Event

Astra Conference Event

Astra’s Conference Event landing page template helps promote your events and conferences. It allows you to add the details of your event, including date, image, and title. You can also sell tickets online by adding a CTA button at the top of the page.

47. Astra Marketer

Astra Marketer

Astra’s Marketer is designed for the websites of content and growth marketers. It has bold and bright colors in the background with crisp typography. The template is perfect for individual marketers who want to get leads and provide consultancy services online.

48. Astra Industry

Astra Industry

The Astra Industry landing page template is built for industries. It has a custom background image, a CTA button, and an About section. This page template is fully customizable using drag-and-drop page builders and the WordPress live customizer.

49. StudioPress Aspire

Aspire Pro

StudioPress Aspire is an elegant WordPress theme with bold and bright colors. This template is built on top of the Genesis theme framework. It has a full-width header background image and a subscription box in the header to increase your subscribers. Overall, this theme is perfect for creating a landing page for any website.

50. StudioPress Monochrome

Monochrome Pro

StudioPress Monochrome is a minimalistic WordPress theme with a simple and neat design. It uses black and white color for the background of the template. Additionally, the font is inverse to the background and highly readable on all screen sizes. You can use this theme as a landing page template to promote your online business.

51. StudioPress Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro

StudioPress Infinity Pro is a stylish WordPress theme for digital agencies. It has an elegant design and is ready to be used as a landing page template. It allows you to add a CTA button and redirect your users to the products page, which helps to boost your sales. Plus, Infinity Pro is fully compatible with WooCommerce to create an online store.

52. Themify Ultra Accountant

Ultra Business and Financial Site theme

Themify Ultra’s Accountant landing page template is designed to sell tax returns and filing services online. It allows you to add a CTA button for users to book an appointment directly from your WordPress website. You can also share your featured services on the template.

53. Themify Ultra Wedding

Ultra Wedding

Themify Ultra’s Wedding template is an elegant template to promote wedding planners, wedding photographers, and individual weddings. It has a fullscreen background image with beautiful typography. Plus, the template is customizable using the Themify page builder.

54. Themify Ultra Software


Themify Ultra’s Software landing page template is perfect for getting online jobs in software development. It has a custom-built layout with multiple ready-made demos. This template is similar to the Ultra theme template and is focusing on selling services online.

55. Themify Ultra Coffee

Ultra - Coffee

Themify Ultra’s Coffee is a landing page template for the websites of coffee shops, coffee bean industries, and other coffee-related products. It has a beautiful background image showcasing coffee beans and spilled coffee extracts. It also displays a CTA button to redirect users to important pages.

56. Themify Ultra Music

Themify Ultra Music

Themify Ultra’s Music landing page template focuses on promoting musicians, DJs, music bands, and instruments. It also allows you to display your upcoming events in a professional style. The template is fully customizable using the drag-and-drop page builder.

57. Themify Ultra App

Themify Ultra App

Themify Ultra’s App template is built for mobile apps and all other devices. You can use this template to promote app development services online. Plus, this landing page template helps you boost the downloads of your featured apps with a CTA button.

58. OnePress


OnePress is another free WordPress template that allows you to create landing pages for creative and web agencies, freelancers, bloggers, and newspapers. It has two CTA buttons to redirect users to your services and product page. You can also add featured services in the blurbs below.

59. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a popular single-page WordPress theme with a fullscreen background image. It can be used as a landing page template to promote any business. It’s compatible with drag-and-drop page builders like Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder, and more, to customize the layout. Additionally, Hestia supports WooCommerce to promote your products.

60. Neve


Neve is one of the best WordPress themes on the market. It comes with dozens of starter sites and templates that you can customize using your favorite page builder. The Neve theme works with WooCommerce out of the box and lets you build online business.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the landing page templates that we could share. The key to building landing pages is to use a drag-and-drop page builder like SeedProd, Beaver Builder, or Divi.

You can use these page builder plugins to create infinite possibilities of design combinations within just minutes.

If you are looking for a non-WordPress landing page solution, then we recommend using either Leadpages or Unbounce.

Both of these providers offer hosted landing page solutions and come with hundreds of pre-made designs that you can choose from. A lot of marketers focusing on PPC end up using these solutions due to their ease of use.

Here’s an example of the goal-focused templates that Leadpages offers:

LeadPages Landing Page Templates

Our first preference is to always use a WordPress page builder like SeedProd, Beaver Builder, or Divi because you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

To put it in perspective, the annual cost of a WordPress page builder plugin is 10 times cheaper than that of hosted landing page builders.

We hope this article helped you find the best landing page templates for WordPress. You may also want to see our ultimate step-by-step WordPress SEO guide for beginners or our expert pick of the best free WordPress themes.

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