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8 Best WordPress Chat Plugins (Expert Pick)

8 Best WordPress Chat Plugins (Expert Pick)

Are you looking for the best chat plugins for WordPress?

Chat plugins allow you to talk with your users in real time to provide support. You can also create chatbots to help customers when your team isn’t available to improve the user experience.

In this article, we will share the best WordPress chat plugins that will help you communicate with your users.

Why Use Chat Plugins in WordPress?

With chat plugins, you can easily add live chat functionality to your WordPress website. This allows you to open a channel of real-time communication to interact with your visitors.

Most users do not like using emails, SMS, or help desk plugins to reach out to a website because those methods can be a bit time-consuming.

However, with chat plugins, customers can contact you directly if they need to debug an issue, provide feedback, or get help with your products and services.

With WordPress chat plugins, you can further improve the quality of the customer service on your site by helping users address their concerns over live chat and providing support.

You can also create chatbots for when your team isn’t available to assist customers, open support tickets, and solve their problems,

Plus, if you have an online store, then you can even use chat plugins to increase sales by letting your team or chatbots answer questions from potential customers.

Chat plugins can also make your website more user-friendly, help build a community around your brand, and increase customer loyalty.

That being said, here is a list of the best chat plugins for WordPress that can help you communicate with your users.

1. LiveChat

LiveChat website

LiveChat is a super popular live chat software that can easily be integrated with your WordPress website using its plugin.

It allows you to communicate with your users in real time by adding a chat widget to your website.

Plus, the tool is super easy to use. It comes with many customization options like chat widget themes and the ability to add your company logo, change the chat window message, add social media buttons, and create custom live chat agent profiles.

It can also integrate with over 130 tools like Facebook, Dropbox, ZenDesk, and WooCommerce, making LiveChat the ultimate choice for online stores.

LiveChat customer reply


The chat functionality loads super quickly, which is great for user experience.

The tool saves all the chat history and transcripts and even lets customers provide feedback for your product or service using its rating system.

LiveChat can integrate with ChatBot to add chatbots to your site.

It offers file uploads, canned responses, and analytics.

LiveChat comes with a multiple chat window feature for customer support teams.


LiveChat does not offer a free plan.

Sometimes, a client may not receive a chat notification.

It can be a bit difficult to use for beginners.

Why we recommend using LiveChat: It is the leading live chat software in the industry that lets you add and customize a chat widget.

If you have an online store, then we recommend using LiveChat due to its comprehensive features, ability to open multiple chat windows for different customers, integration with over 130 tools, and much more.

2. HubSpot Chat

HubSpot website

HubSpot is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform that comes with a suite of tools for marketing, sales, and customer service, including HubSpot Chat.

It is the best WordPress chat plugin on the market that allows you to easily add chatbots and live chat functionality to your website with its free plugin.

The plugin lets you chat with your customers in real time and even saves their contact information in HubSpot’s customer relationship management app.

This can help you build an email list or communicate with your customers using SMS, email, or Slack.

If you have a small business, then you can also use HubSpot to create chatbots that provide support to your customers when your team members aren’t available for live chat.

HubSpot chatbot preview


HubSpot has a free plugin that can be used to add live chat and chatbots.

The CRM also offers other features like email marketing, forms and popups, landing pages, and detailed analytics.

It comes with a marketing automation that sends an email when a customer reaches out.

You can respond to chats directly from the inbox and even take notes, create support tickets, and schedule calls.


There are limited customization options for the chat widget.

To unlock advanced features, you will have to upgrade to the paid plan.

Why we recommend using HubSpot: We recommend using HubSpot because it is the best WordPress chat plugin that allows you to create live chat widgets and chatbots without using any code. It also saves your customer information, creates support tickets, and offers a suite of other tools that can help you grow your business.

3. ChatBot website

ChatBot is a drag-and-drop chatbot builder that allows you to make smart chatbots for your website without writing any code. This makes it the best AI chatbot software for WordPress.

You can then easily add these chatbots to your WordPress site using the free plugin. For detailed instructions, just see our tutorial on how to add a chatbot in WordPress.

ChatBot comes with pre-made templates, a chatbot testing tool, a customizable chat widget, and integrations with platforms like Slack, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

Plus, it also lets you create a multilingual chatbot using different filters, making it a great choice if you have a multilingual website.

Chatbot preview


ChatBot can integrate with LiveChat to provide live chat and chatbot support.

It provides detailed analytics about your chatbot’s performance.

ChatBot can organize your users in a contact list and even import new customers directly to your CRM.

It automatically collects user data during conversations and archives all the conversations between customers and the chatbot.


Its free plan offers limited features.

Creating a workflow in ChatBot can be a bit difficult for beginners due to the numerous customization options.

Why we recommend using ChatBot: We recommend using ChatBot if you want to design a detailed chatbot for your website. If you have a multilingual website, then ChatBot is a great choice as it lets you create chatbots in multiple languages.

4. Brevo Chat

Brevo chat website

Brevo is a popular SMS and email marketing service that offers a chatbox feature. It allows you to chat with your visitors in real time and respond to questions, resolve issues, and qualify leads. It even lets you create chatbots to answer user questions when your support team isn’t available.

To create a chatbox with Brevo, all you have to do is sign up for an account on the website and then connect to your WordPress blog using a free plugin.


It allows visitors to rate conversations with chat agents, which can help you gain feedback from users.

Brevo Chat allows you to see what visitors are typing before they send the message, which can help prepare you for the answer.

It allows your visitors to chat with you using their mobile devices.

Brevo Chat offers a CRM, landing pages, user data segmentation, SMS and email marketing features, and more.


The Brevo chatbox can be a bit slow at times.

It offers limited customization.

Why we recommend using Brevo Chat: If you are looking for an all-in-one solution that lets you manage your users through SMS, email, live chat, and chatbots, then Brevo is the perfect choice. It is powerful and allows you to communicate with all your customers in one place.

5. Tidio

Tidio website

Tidio is a WordPress live chat and chatbot plugin that uses conversational AI to solve up to 70% of your customer’s problems.

It comes with pre-built chatbot templates and customizable chat widgets. Tidio also shows a live typing preview and saves the chat history with customers.

Tidio even integrates with WooCommerce and allows your support team to see a customer’s cart, check their order history, and recommend other products in the chatbox.


Tidio is super beginner-friendly and has a free version.

It comes with a customizable chatbox design.

It allows your support team to open tickets in the chatbox.

Tidio integrates with platforms like HubSpot, Brevo, Constant Contact, and more.

Tidio lets you manage email, Facebook Messenger, and live chat conversations in one place.


Its paid plan is a little expensive.

Tidio is not available in many languages.

It can be slow and unresponsive at times.

Why we recommend using Tidio: Overall, Tidio is an amazing chat plugin. If you are on a budget or just have a simple WordPress blog, then you can use the free version of Tidio to easily connect with your visitors.

6. JivoChat

JivoChat website

JivoChat is an all-in-one business messenger tool that lets you communicate with website visitors using email, live chat, chatbots, phone calls, and more.

Other than adding chat widgets to your website, the tool lets you contact your customers on their preferred social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

Some of JivoChat’s other features include chat history, voice messages, file and screen sharing, video calls, multiple chat agents, and chat routing.


The plugin has a free version with most of the features of the paid plan.

It comes with built-in CRM tools.

JivoChat monitors visitor behavior on your site and offers smart triggers.

It provides detailed analytics and reports on chat performance.


Its paid plan can be expensive, especially for small businesses.

JivoChat offers limited chat widget customization options.

It sometimes does not tell the visitor when the chat agent leaves the chat.

Why we recommend using JivoChat: We recommend using JivoChat if you are used to chatting with visitors over multiple platforms, as the plugin allows you to create a central place for all your messages.

7. Olark

Olark website

Olark is another great chat plugin that allows you to integrate chatbots and live chat widgets on your WordPress site.

It enables you to customize your chatbox according to your WordPress theme and even allows you to add a contact form to the widget. This can help your support team collect customer data so that they can contact users at a later date or build an email list.


With Olark, you can easily distribute chats and monitor team performance.

You can integrate the tool with Mailchimp, Salesforce, HelpScout, and Zendesk.

Olark lets you create automated messages for when your team isn’t available.

It comes with analytics and reporting features.


It does not offer a free version.

Olark does not allow you to create a custom chatbot.

To create complex automated workflows, you have to integrate Olark with other platforms.

Why we recommend using Olark: We recommend using Olark if you have a large customer support team, as the tool lets you monitor your agents’ performance. It even comes with chatbots and automated message features to make work easier for your team.

8. Chaty

Chaty website

Chaty is a well-known WordPress plugin that offers a multi-channel communication platform. With this plugin, you can easily chat with your website visitors through Facebook, Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and more.

It adds a floating chat widget to your website and lets you choose a trigger for when the chatbox should be displayed.


You can add various buttons in the chatbox, like email, Google Maps, and phone number.

It has a free version.

You can add a contact form to the chat widget.

Chaty can connect with live chat solutions like Tidio, Formilla, and Zoho.

Chaty’s built-in ticketing system allows you to track and manage customer issues and requests.


Some of Chaty’s features, like multi-channel support and a ticketing system, are only available in the premium plan.

Chaty does not offer a mobile app for chat agents.

The plugin chatbox can be slow at times.

Why we recommend using Chaty: Overall, Chaty is a great solution if you are on a budget because it has a free version. You can also use this tool to chat with users over social media platforms.

Which Is the Best Chat Plugin for WordPress?

In our expert opinion, LiveChat is the best WordPress chat plugin, especially for online stores, because of its comprehensive features and integration with WooCommerce.

If you are looking for an affordable and user-friendly alternative, then HubSpot is easy to use, allows you to add a chatbot and a chat widget to your website, and even has a free version.

Similarly, you can also use Brevo Chat if you want to manage all your SMS, email, and chat messages in one place.

However, if you have a multilingual site, then ChatBot is the best choice because it lets you create a chatbot in any language you want and even integrates with LiveChat.

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Chat Plugins

Let’s wrap up with some of the questions that our readers often ask us about using chat plugins for WordPress.

Do I need a WordPress chat plugin?

By using a chat plugin on your website, you can communicate with your users in real-time to provide customer service quickly and efficiently.

You can also use WordPress chat plugins to increase sales by answering questions about your products or services and convincing visitors to buy your products.

You can even reduce the number of support tickets on your site by immediately solving problems through chat widgets.

What is the best live chat plugin for WordPress?

If you want to add live chat functionality to your website, then we recommend using LiveChat, which is the best live chat solution for WordPress.

It offers beautifully designed live chat support apps, allows you to add pre-chat survey forms, integrates with CRMs, and is also easily customizable.

For details, you can see our showcase of the best live chat software for small businesses.

Best WordPress Guides for Customer Communication

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