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InMotion Hosting Launches New Minecraft Servers

Attention all Minecraft players! Are you looking for a reliable and affordable way to host your own gaming server? Look no further than InMotion Hosting’s new Minecraft Servers.

InMotion Hosting now offers new Minecraft Servers for gamers and gaming communities. These servers are an easy and affordable hosting solution for Minecraft players who want to customize their gameplay and connect with other players.

“We are excited that our game server product creation is starting with Minecraft! Minecraft is an established game with thousands of mods and plugins for each customer to customize their gameplay,”

Matt Bell, Senior Manager of Sales and Affiliates

Minecraft Server Highlights

With InMotion Hosting’s Minecraft servers, customers can launch and manage custom Minecraft instances in just five minutes or less. Additionally, our wide range of Minecraft server hosting plans are driven by NVMe SSDs and can support any number of players. Gamers can also take advantage of powerful features, including

Unlimited plugins and mods A variety of server types Automatic backupsSupport for Java and Bedrock EditionsDedicated server resources

Moreover, InMotion Hosting’s Minecraft servers will be hosted on cloud-powered VPS, which means players will experience ultra-low latency connections and 99.99% uptime.

“Make sure you keep checking back in with us as this is the first of many games we want to offer,”

Matt Bell, Senior Manager of Sales and Affiliates

In effect, this marks the first step towards more gaming server options from InMotion Hosting. Presently, only specialized providers and very few traditional web hosts offer game servers. But, now Minecraft gamers can choose servers from a proven leader in web hosting.

InMotion Hosting’s Minecraft servers are the perfect solution for any Minecraft player looking to elevate their gaming experience with powerful features and reliable servers. If you’re interested in InMotion Hosting’s Minecraft plans, learn more from the Minecraft Server Hosting page.

Check out this post from where they highlighted our recent updates: Players Can Launch Their Own Server with InMotion Hosting’s New Minecraft Servers. For more information view our press release announcement from September 5th, 2023.

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