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Welcome GrooveHQ to the WPBeginner Growth Fund

Welcome GrooveHQ to the WPBeginner Growth Fund

Today, I’m extremely excited to announce that WPBeginner Growth Fund has taken an investment stake in GrooveHQ, a top-rated customer support help desk software.

Over 2,000+ businesses around the world use Groove’s help desk software to offer best-in-class customer support at scale with streamlined workflows and less stress.

About GrooveHQ

GrooveHQ is a simple yet powerful help desk software designed to help businesses deliver exceptional customer service with more confidence and less stress.

It comes with all the essential customer support tools like shared inbox, live chat, smart workflows, reporting, integrations, and some really cool AI features that will save you time.

What I really like about Groove is that it gives you everything you need to deliver world-class customer support without the high costs or complexity that come with other help desk software.

This is the main reason why thousands of business owners across all industries, including service agencies, eCommerce, SaaS / software, as well as brick-and-mortar businesses, are switching to Groove for their business.

groovehq homepage

Here is a quick breakdown of what you’ll get with Groove:

A Powerful Shared Inbox to Streamline Support

Groove Shared Inbox

With Groove’s Shared Inbox, you can stay on top of your team’s conversations by organizing, prioritizing, and solving customer requests from multiple communication channels, like Gmail or forwarded email, as well as your social media channels.

To make things even better, Groove seamlessly integrates with the business tools you use, such as Shopify, Stripe account, and more, so you can see all the relevant customer information right next to the conversation and provide exceptional customer service at scale.

Groove also comes with smart team delegation, assignments, private notes, collision detection, @mentions, and basically everything you need to streamline your customer support.

Smart Workflow Automations to Save Time

Automation rules in Groove

Groove offers smart rules and automations to help you speed up your workflow and save time.

For example, you can automatically categorize conversations, assign them to your team members, set a time-based deadline, and more.

They also have Smart Folders, which allow you to create custom views for certain types of conversations so you can solve customer issues faster and deliver world-class support.

Centralized Customer Support Reports to Track & Improve KPIs

Groove inbox reporting

Fine-tune operations and improve productivity by tracking and optimizing your team’s performance.

Its centralized dashboard gives you detailed insights into everything you need to know about customer conversations, which includes Inbox and performance metrics, team analytics, unlimited reporting history, and more.

Easy Knowledge Base Builder

Groove knowledge base

We know from experience that having a good support knowledge base is proven to significantly reduce customer support requests.

Groove offers an easy knowledge base builder, so you can quickly launch support docs and customize them the way you want. Plus, you can make your knowledge base public, restrict visitors, or authorize specific users via your API.

Get More Done with Groove AI

Groove AI instant replies

Groove’s AI lets you instantly create perfectly formatted replies.

With its auto-generated summaries, you can quickly learn customer issues from the support requests you receive without having to read the entire thread word by word.

Groove is also shipped with AI writing tools that improve your writing, fix spelling and grammar, simplify language, and more.

Powerful Help Desk Features Without the High Costs

Groove pricing comparison

The best part about Groove is that you get all the powerful help desk features without the high expense of some of its competitors, like Zendesk or Help Scout.

For example, if you use Help Scout, you could instantly reduce your costs by 40% by simply switching to Groove.

Similarly, if you use Zendesk, switching to Groove can save your costs by 37%, and if you use Front, Groove can reduce costs by a whopping 80%.

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for affordable help desk software for your business, then Groove is the perfect solution.

I know that we are in the process of switching to Groove already for our businesses.

Background Story

Over the last year or so, we have been increasingly frustrated with our current help desk software, Help Scout. The product has gotten increasingly more complex, the reporting has become unreliable, and our costs continue to go up every year. Our team is constantly running into new bugs such as workflows not working, finding silly limits like the # of tags you can have in one account, API limits, etc.

So, I started talking with other business owners in the WordPress industry to see what they were doing, and it turned out that many others were frustrated with Help Scout as well and were looking to switch.

I also researched the entire market and talked with friends who were using numerous other help desk software solutions like Zendesk, Intercom, Front, etc.

One thing that became clear to me was that no one was happy with the price they were paying for their respective support software, especially since almost every tool had its own limitations and quirks.

Why does help desk software have to be so outrageously expensive? I asked, in my frustration.

As I kept researching, I came across Groove through a friend’s recommendation.

At first glance, the website reminded me of Basecamp. I quickly looked at their pricing, and it was refreshing to see that they had very affordable pricing, far lower than most other competitors. I also really liked that their footer said: Self funded, profitable and proud.

So I decided to try their 7-day free trial, and I was impressed by the product. I really loved how clean and simple the workflow was.

I said to myself, it would be great if we could just acquire Groove and make it part of the Awesome Motive family.

I looked up the founder, Alex Turnbull, and saw that he had been building Groove for over 10 years. From his various social media and blog posts, I got to learn more about the company and really liked that they had similar business values as us. I asked our acquisitions team to reach out and see if Alex would be interested in selling.

After a few conversations, it became clear that Alex didn’t want to sell the business because he loved what he was doing. However, he was open to a strategic investor & advisor that could come in to help him grow the business to the next level.

That’s exactly what our WPBeginner Growth Fund does. Along with the financial investment, I partner with entrepreneurs and help them grow their businesses using our years of experience and growth playbooks.

Since we were in perfect alignment, I decided to invest in Groove and bring them into the WPBeginner family.

Syed Balkhi with Alex Turnbull (Groove)

Our mission at Groove is to help get rid of bad customer service from the world by providing the best-in-class customer service tools, team, and training so you can deliver exceptional customer service with more confidence and less stress.

I met with Alex in person to do our strategic planning, and I am very excited for the year ahead.

Not to mention, you know it’s going to be BIG when we were able to get congratulations from NASDAQ team on their billboard in Time Square in New York City.

This is definitely a pretty exciting moment for me.

NASDAQ Congratulating WPBeginner and Awesome Motive on the Investment in GrooveHQ

At Awesome Motive, we have years of experience building popular WordPress plugins and SaaS products that are used by over 25 million websites, including WPForms, AIOSEO, MonsterInsights, and many more.

Not to mention, our WPBeginner Growth Fund portfolio companies like MemberPress, Formidable Forms, Pretty Links, Wholesale Suite, Uncanny Automator, and others have seen tremendous growth over the years.

Sharing our combined knowledge with Groove will help all of us better serve the larger WordPress community.

They will be joining me at our next Mastermind.

Awesome Motive and WPBeginner Growth Fund Mastermind 2023

As always, thank you so much for your continued support of WPBeginner.

WPBeginner and Awesome Motive would not be here without YOU, and I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you.

And I look forward to continuing serving you and the larger WordPress / web ecosystem for years to come.


Syed BalkhiFounder of WPBeginner

P.S. Want us to acquire or invest in your WordPress business? Learn more about the WPBeginner Growth Fund.

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